Rye Bread Toast with Figs, Pears, Arugula and Vegan Cream Cheese

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This rye bread toast is the perfect snack or light lunch/dinner. I love to make it in late August, when the fig and pear trees in our garden are hanging full and all it takes is prepping the cashew cream cheese beforehand and a short walk in our garden to put together this perfectly sweet and filling toast.

The Rye Bread

Being half German, I have a real weakness for dark, dense bread. You can, of course, use whichever bread type you prefer, however Pumpernickel is my absolute favourite. It doesn’t just taste amazing in combination with the chosen toppings, but it’s also super convenient – it usually already comes sliced, and lasts quite a long time! Plus it’s ridiculously healthy, since it’s made out of wholegrain rye, so there’s that too 😉

The Vegan Cashew Cream Cheese

For the cashew cream cheese, I love this recipe. The first time I made it I was genuinely surprised by how cheesy it tastes, and it’s super simple, using just three ingredients (you can leave out the chives for this toast). It’s even better on the second and third day after making it, so feel free to make a big batch in advance!

The Fruit

Any type of fig works for this rye bread toast – I’m not actually sure which varieties our tree has. Its 3 main branches each carry a different variety of fig (did you know that was possible? Grafting is magical!). My best guess would be that they’re the Mission Fig, Kadota Fig and Desert King Fig varieties. All of them work great for this!

As for the pears – choose ones which are crispy and not too sweet, such as Williams or Concorde Pears. This makes a wonderful contrast to the soft and sweet figs!

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Rye Bread Toast with Figs, Pears, Arugula and Vegan Cream Cheese

Difficulty: Beginner Prep Time 5 mins Total Time 5 mins
Servings: 1
Best Season: Summer



  1. Putting together this toast is as simple as it gets - take the bread, spread some cashew cream cheese on it, then top with sliced figs, pears and a handful of arugula. That's it!

    Feel free to top with a drizzle of honey and/or a sprinkle of walnuts :)

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